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A.C.T Educational trust was established by eminent people of vision to serve different spheres of society by providing goal-oriented education. It seeks to equip modern youth with that empower them to meet contemporary global challenges. A.C.T college of engineering and technology which functions under the trust, will be a model world and it's knowledge society. Society expects them to be effective professionals and role models. Experts of excellence are provided to impart skills that match state of that art in whatever branch of knowledge they function. Role models have the scared task of shaping the young mind by nurturing if on values and life skills.

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Welcome from Headteacher

President, Governing Council

Knowledge is power. The twenty first century is hailed as the 'knowledge century'. As never before, the younger generation is showing considerable interest in acquiring knowledge. The media is churning out voluminous information day in and day out and this has to be converted into knowledge. This is best done by developing one's reading and listening skills.


The guidance provided by experts in the area of study is very helpful in this process. Teachers are playing the role of facilitators.Every young person should cultivate a desire to succeed. The desire should become a determination. With the right attitude one can achieve great things.

In a technology driven society, skills play an important role in all activities. Institutions imparting education in various fields of technology have a definite role to play in providing skill orientation to students who enter the portals.

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